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In addition, Chaxuen SEO bases stated that the MA in violation of Article 12 letters a Law 20 of 2001 is also subject to a fine of 500 million Chaxuen SEO bases 8 months of captivity. Amar verdict did not stop until there, a former member of the House Banggar is also required to pay Rp 12,580 billion cash substitute and USD 2,350 million ( equivalent to Rp 27.4 billion ).

Rahmawati aka Wati ( 19 ) caught apparatus Subdit dick Resmob Crime Directorate General Metro Jaya Regional Police for bringing obscure boy 6 year old female named Afnan. Wati protest leads to sell to a syndicate Afnan child trafficking.

Wati admitted just want to bring to accompany kesehariannya Afnan in Cirebon, West Java.”( Afnan ) to Cirebon invited to stay and accompany him in there day-to- day. Yet in Cirebon sold his mother’s house, so he confusion and reduce the road toll,”said Metro Jaya Regional Police Public Relations Kabid Comr ( Pol ) Rikwanto told reporters at Police Headquarters Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Friday ( 22/11/2013 ).

Meanwhile, head of detective Subdit Resmob Crime Directorate General Metro Jaya Regional Police AKBP Adex Yudiswan say the government does not find a commercial or economic motives in the case of the child.

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